CUSTOMER SERVICE. We know our customer needs after ten years servicing them: clear and quick communications, high quality products, large inventory on hand, huge selection of beautiful designs, abundant samples disposal, fast deliveries and a friendly climate, but above all they need honest and timely solutions when unexpected challenges arise. And they know we provide all of them. Our sales force and support personnel are a team motivated to excellence in service. They have been selected and trained for customer satisfaction as a goal. Laminati customer service expertise over the years has made an outstanding difference in the market.

MADE IN ITALY. We are proud to be chosen as the exclusive distributor for the ABET BASE collection in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Abet Base is fabricated by ABET LAMINATI, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of HPL high end decorative laminate made in Italy.


Create your own line of HPL PANELS from any of Abet Base solid colors or wood grains. Laminati makes the laid up of the chosen decor to substrates such as plywood, MDF or particle board on one or both sides. HPL PANEL is a pre finish product easy to cut and assemble. HPL PANELS are edged on all sides to ensure they match within your design specs. Parts cutting and edge banding are also provided. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS. Laminati´s high quality of its products has been proven throughout the years. Search for the best products in the world to be exclusively distributed by Laminati has been a continuous effort since our beginning.

INVENTORY ON HAND. Laminati stocks a large inventory level in its Florida warehouses. Two in Miami and one in Orlando in order to provide a fast and efficient delivery. Inventory for replacements is stored in New Jersey. Overnight deliveries are possible in most of the purchases

ASSISTANCE TO YOUR PROJECT. Interaction with your project is an exceptional service provided by Laminati. Specification on lead time, colors and quantity are required for shipping the products on time while maximizing the cost efficiency of the project. Our service includes advice on the correct use of our products before the execution of the project.

EXPORT SERVICE. Laminati counts with an experienced team managing exports to Central and South America and the Caribbean. Laminati has developed export expertise over ten years of continuing international trade. Export advice to foreign and local customers is provided by Laminati when dealing with our products.

COMPONENTS-DIVERSIFICATION Over the years Laminati has been requested to supply the basic components for HPL bonding process: plywood, glue, edgebanding and hardware. Customers are pleased to have everything in one place, one shipping and more important, one supplier committed to CSAT. Orlando store is starting our diversification with such components.